Cycling Tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa
International - WEST CHINA & TIBET TOUR - Cycling Tour from Kathmandu to Lhasa
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Travelling by bicycle offers a challenging way to see Tibet, and a cycling excursion here requires more planning than most other destinations in Asia. But don't worry. We will be responsible for handling all the permits and logistics. You will accompanied by a 4WD vehicle along the tour that carries your personal gear, camping equipment, cooking equipment and food; you can also catch a ride if you're exhausted or tired.

The historical sites of Samye Monastery and the Yarlung Valley, near Tsetang, are just a few days to the south. This route follows the river valley at elevations below 12,000 feet, so a relatively easy round trip could be completed in 7 days or so. Another possibility from Lhasa is a visit to Ganden Monastery, which is a pleasant 25-mile (41km) ride to the east up the Kyi Chu, followed by a steep 1500feet (460m) climb above the valley. The round trip could be done in 2 days of riding, and allow an extra day for visiting the monastery.

The journey from Lhasa to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Lhasa is the most popular bicycling route in Tibet, and with good reason. In just under 600miles (1000km) and 13 to 16 days, this journey crosses six major passes, traverses the backbone of the Himalaya, offers a look at the North face of Mount Everest, and visits two of Asia's most interesting cities. The reverse of this ride, from Kathmandu to Lhasa, can also be done. A challenging 4 to 6 day side trip is the ride to Mount Everest Base Camp.

Itinerary day by day

Day 01 Kathmandu/Nyalam alt 3750m

Day 02 Nyalam/Mainphu Valley alt 4350m, 70km

Day 03 Mainphu Valley/Old Tingri alt 4300m, 73km

Day 04 Old Tingri/Tashi Zom alt 4300m, 70km

Day 05 Tashi Zom/Everest Base Camp alt 5200m, 8 km

Day 06 Everest Base Camp/Rongbuk alt 4902m, 8km

Day 07 Rongbuk Monastery/Tashizom alt 4140m

Day 08 Tashi Zom Valley/Gyatso valley alt 4200m, 65km

Day 09 Gyatso Valley/Lhatse alt 4050m, 70km

Day 10 Lhatse/Tashigang alt 4250m, 67km

Day 11 Tashigang Valley/Shab valley alt4000m,60 km

Day 12 Shab Valley/Shigates alt 3900m,62 km

Day 13 Shigatse/Gyantse alt 3580m, 90 km

Day 14 Gyantse/ Karo La Pass alt 4700m, 65km

Day 15 Karo La Pass/Yamdruktso alt 3700m, 68km

Day 16 Yamdruktso Lake/Chu Xui alt 4300m, 65km

Day 17 Chu Xui/Lhasa alt 3680m, 60km

Day 18 Lhasa sightseeing

Day 19 Lhasa sightseeing

Day 20 Bid farewell to Lhasa