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Deraphuk situated at an altitude of 4860 m. is nearly 10 km in distance from Tarboche (Yama Dwar). It is situated on the north of Mt. Kailash. In Tibetan language, 'Phuk' represents the 'cave'. The monastery is built inside the cave and the imprint of female yak can be seen on the cave ceiling. The legend of this Monastery is connected with a Buddhist master Gotsangpa Ganpo Dorje (master of Kyagyu sect in 12 century), who was the first master to make circumambulation & wander around the Kailash. Gotsangpa Ganpo Dorje was there in the cave near Kailash for some time. One day, he set off for a pilgrimage to Lake Manasarovar and passed through the La Chu valley. He then, willing to have tea, stopped on the way, collected fire woods and was seeking stones of right size to support his kettle. But, he was amazed because every stone, he had picked were all imprinted with sacred scripts.

After a moment, Gotsangpa Ganpo Dorje was trapped in a heavy rain fall, but all of sudden a Dri (Female Yak) appeared from nowhere and led him to this cave (driraphuk). The 'dri' later on turn out to be the Dakini (Senge Dongpa), a lion-faced celestial angel. The trek takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to reach Deraphuk from Tarboche (Yama Dwar). The trail is quite flat and gradually ascends to the camp site of Deraphuk which is opposite of cave Monastery. 

Magnificent views of north face of Kailash can be seen from here. It takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to reach the north face by trek but the trail is very arduous and full of glacial ice.